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The Assumption Of Risk – Get Your Feet Wet !

We often use the phrase, "wet feet" when we are beginning to learn how to do something or are about to pioneer a new initiative. When participating in a project for the first time, there is often a reluctance to step into the unknown. There is no better way of learning than doing. This requires that we leave our comfort zones and step into the unknown, which usually exceeds our reach and makes us stretch to do it. Step by step into the unknown The unknown causes strong emotional reactions, the main one is fear. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. We are afraid to take risks or we're going to make mistakes. While mistakes are shameful, that can be used to revitalize and enhance our learning. Other reactions to the unknown are: Hesitation.

Be cautious and tentative; play it safe. Discouragement. Disappointment and concern; back up and settle for less than the best. Pessimism. Focusing on the problems and challenges instead of solutions and opportunities. While the list is not all inclusive, is of great help in understanding of our emotional response to the unfamiliar territory? Strange? Mysterious? Unknown. To step into the unknown requires courage, commitment and conviction.

How to get your feet wet at Work Courage. Prepare for your next challenge or opportunity to do your homework. Learn as much as you can and apply that learning to work on assignments dealing with requests indeterminate or vague. Take a leap of faith into the unknown and just do it. Do not wait until everything is perfect and you are fully prepared physically, emotionally and financially.