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Tendons Ligaments

First volume of the intendons book series appears on the 08.08.2011 tendons, ligaments and connective tissue are usually poorly supplied with blood and oxygen. This favors the formation of often very painful and protracted diseases. However, the fascia can be strengthened in a very simple and effektibe way. So at least it promises the first volume of the intendons book series, which appears in early August… Over 1.5 million Germans suffer from fibromyalgia (muscle fiber pain). The Repetive strain injury syndrome (mouse arm, golf, tennis elbow, and so on) is almost an epidemic. Most are chronic mobility with damage to the tendons, ligaments and fascia in conjunction. These Gesundheistsstorungen are so cumbersome, because the affected tissue is only very sparingly supplied with blood and oxygen.

This supply can, as guide appears on the 08.08 intendons publishers… with intendons want to show “Sensations in the tendon”, with relatively simple methods improved and promoted. To do this, so the author Harald Xander, except only necessary to separate the tendons activation of muscle activation as far as possible. According to a simple sequence of steps, then almost all movements could be turned into an exercise of tendon. The method, called intendons after the English translation of “the longing”, promises by a range of movement patterns, to provide virtually almost any region of the body with blood.

The highlight: the exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. They have effect only if they are carried out without any visible movement.