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Technology And The Modern Age

The consequence of our actions are shown daily in the “accident” caused to our health and our experience in general, the resulting search for happiness through the work and gain wage or salary that we get to meet the comfort, whose real cost is denoted in the degradation of nature. The current economic system requires to meet sales goals and market demands, there are the main conditions and beliefs of the good life or so-called “quality of life” or otherwise “quality of human resources “, there focuses our society within a new code of separatism, a new more sophisticated form of segregation. The relentless pursuit of happiness keeps us, through research, seeking a solution to our problems: social, economic. But getting all of nature, of course! But why not? Find alternatives bring something to the nature that something is a way of summarizing the world of possibilities for return routes that she gives. The work, the function “business” more than human, humans must first commitment, then with the nature and finally to the capital, should not be discarded, but yes, they must quantify the impact of the damage to nature and human and quantify the costs or “profits” obtained by the industry in transforming the raw material. What quality of life? It is supposed to air conditioning and the rest of the machines as a product of ingenuity, science and technology, to improve the quality of life in some way improve the environmental conditions or the immediate area, however, the environment decays although gradually sweep and clean cities..