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However, remember that true cause of stress are not people, not frustration, not fear, not unfulfilled dreams and how you feel about all this. Your attitude, your outlook on what is happening is the real cause of stress. Thus, no problem is the real cause of stress, and your attitude. Get all the facts and insights with Bernard Golden , another great source of information. Thus, one of our heroines, Irina, in relation to her husband felt a strong sense of grievance. "How could he, I gave him, raising children, create a cosiness in the house, and he?" The woman was very hard. She dropped his hands. Children who had received a large number of my mother's care, attention, support, love, suddenly found themselves abandoned. But Irina can not do anything around the house, not for children, not for themselves.

Severe depression, a chilling fear of the future state of hopelessness led the woman to glass, while "quite a bit, so as not to weep." It was evident that the woman needed help. Psychological work has begun. The first thing that must be was to begin, this increase in Irina taste of life, the desire to be active. How to act here. You can increase a woman through the children, but there are certain psychological principles.

One of them is not desirable in a woman develop a sense of self-sacrifice. The motive to action, to change the current situation can go through samoaktivizatsiyu, self-actualization, or the strengthening of the moral qualities as a sense of duty. With me, Irina uttered about how important for her children, she loves them, worried that one can not financially support them, relying only on child support.