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State Constitution

Of great interest are his conclusions to set as the best form of Government that achieved greater material and spiritual development of peoples. Here is the modern Rousseau, analyst, objective and committed to the achievements of Governments and not with political and ideological dogmas I guess men at that point that the obstacles impeding their preservation in the natural state expire by its resistance to the forces that each individual can use to stay in that State. Then, that primitive State can not subsist, and mankind would perish if they don’t change their way of being. For more clarity and thought, follow up with E Scott Mead and gain more knowledge.. Now, as men not they can engender new forces, but only combine and direct those that exist, they have another remedy, to subsist, to form by agragacion a sum of forces that can overcome the resistance, put them into play through an only mobile and make them act together. This sum of forces can not be born rather than contest of several; but like force and freedom of every man are the first instruments of its conservation, how the compremetera without damaging it and without neglecting the care that must itself? This difficulty applied to my theme can be stated in these terms: find a form of association that defends and protects with all the common person strength and assets of each partner, and thus joining each to all, not obey however rather than likewise and remains as free as before. Such is the fundamental problem, whose solution gives the social contract so that the social pact is not a vain form, it involves virtually the only commitment that can give strength to the others, that which refuses to obey the general will be liable to do so throughout the body; This does not mean another thing that be compelled to be not free enough that the people met you once set the State Constitution by sanctioning a body of laws, not enough that has decided once for all the election of judges.