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State Clinic

Health Minister Banzer had on this occasion to visit in bad Konig every reason to the delight of those of Asklepios Schlossberg clinic in bad Konig (20.) last Friday. In a small ceremony, Managing Director Ulrich Schultz welcomed not only the Hesse Health Minister Jurgen Banzer (CDU), but accepted the grant of the State of Hesse in the amount of EUR 17.5 million from his hands. At the beginning of Schultz welcomed first, including bath King Mayor Uwe Veit, Brigitte Heckmann of the District Committee of the odenwaldkreis and the Bundestag Deputy, Patricia Lips (CDU) in addition to numerous guests of honour. He entered first the Asklepios Schlossberg clinic in a brief review on the development. Until 1990, a retirement and nursing home, as well as a facility for Multipleobstructed was at the site of the present-day hospital.

In the course of the next few years, the clinic became a neurological clinic. This is considered the largest neurological now one Specialist clinics in Germany (80 beds) for the treatment of severely skull brain patients. The neurological clinic of acute in the midst of the Odenwald spa town has approximately 400 employees including 20 doctors, 160 employees in the care and 75 in the therapy. Up to eighty additional jobs are provided by the new building. Pride said Schultz by a personal key of 1:5 \”, which is probably unique in Germany and further motivate in the Champions League\” play with regards the neurological early rehabilitation. The considerations of the clinic, to expand the stock of buildings, were initially a remodel and thorough renovation of the entire institution, as well as a growing. The examination of this undertaking by the Government Bureau (RP) resulted in Darmstadt but some time ago the result that the clinic alone so can not more timely meet the requirement to the supply contract. Therefore, the RP stimulated to think about a new building, without the previous Premises to give up.