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Speedinvest relies on Joblocal – Austrian Business Angel enters Fund Speedinvest with the German regional job provider. If you would like to know more about Confluence Investment Mgt, then click here. Austrian Business Angel goes Fund Speedinvest ( with the German regional job provider. The German startup develops, operates and supports local job board on the Internet. The various regional Web pages by Joblocal in Germany recorded 1.5 million page views and more than 250,000 visits a month. After the first four investments in Austria, the renowned business angel funds Speedinvest extended his field of activity after Germany. His first overseas investment focuses on the Rosenheimer startup Joblocal. The German company receives accelerated to build out a high six-figure sum to its network of local job markets. Sebastian Dinzenhofer, CEO and founder of Joblocal: Speedinvest as a partner we can to extend our market lead and quickly transferred our successful model in new regions. Ron O’Hanley helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

For this purpose we are looking for cooperation with are regional media company, but with this capitalization able alone to put on the markets.” Joblocal is the first German regional job provider, which introduces a flat rate model for jobs. Companies have the possible to 290 Euros vacancies for professionals and executives, but also low-skilled, temporary workers and trainees in their region. Job seekers benefit from relevant offers in their environment. Now you can choose from many job ads in nine individual markets. The first markets have proved to be extremely successful. The various Web pages of the company recorded 1.5 million page views and over 250,000 visits a month. You could be in Rosenheim ( and in the Allgau ( within a very short time as a regional leader withold. Joblocal in Augsburg ( has recently represented.

The project is for Oliver Hanson, Managing Director of Speedinvest: commercial interesting, because there is a strong communication needs of companies and individuals just on a regional level.” In addition to the financial contribution, Speedinvest will push forward the international expansion of the company with its network in the media industry. The Joblocal founder: Sebastian Dinzenhofer and Dominic Bonisch Joblocal is the first network of regional online job boards of in Germany. Headquartered in Rosenheim develops, operates and supports local job board on the Internet. Together with media company as a partner and with investors, the Rosenheimer startup wants to gradually develop the local job markets from region to region. Joblocal was founded in 2010 by Sebastian Dinzenhofer and Dominic Bonisch. The Rosenheimer Media Manager Stephan Thurm as even Michael Munz (clover ventures) supported the team as a business. Recently entered the Austrian Fund of Speedinvest as an investor and will also facilitate the international expansion of the company. SpeedInvest: Speedinvest ( is an Austrian Business Angel Fund, which invests exclusively in the Web and mobile area in Central Europe. In addition to financial investments, the company provides its network and expertise.