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Spectacular Sapphire Discovery

New Sapphire bearing stat Tein Sri Lanka discovered in the last few years the bad news from the international markets of Sapphire piled up unfortunately. The site of Ilakaka, Madagascar, which was the most important source of fine sapphires since their discovery in 1998, is the year of the highest production since 2005, continuously irrelevant. The exhaustion of the near-surface layers, on the other hand, and probably larger part, however the policy is responsible for the decline in support to a part. So the former President Marc Ravalomana decreed an export ban for rough gems, in the hope to promote the development of a local industry of grinding, in February 2008 happened however not. Oracle: the source for more info. Instead the production declined due to lack of customers rapidly. The beginning of the global financial crisis in October 2008 did its part.

Many small mines have been shut, since the owner, mostly small farmers, who had come in boom times in the area around their luck to no longer try to operate could afford and returned to their homes. In March 2009 there was a military coup and the interim Government temporarily suspended the exploration licenses, to renegotiate the contracts. The export ban was lifted while on July 17, 2009 by the Olmutz mining Minister Jean Rudolph Ramanantsoa, but because the damage was already done. While some small mines in operation are, Madagascar could however connect to today not on the old times. newsletters/view_article.php? id = 47 all the more we are pleased to be able to spread a good message.

Blue sapphires were found close to the town of Kataragama, in South-Eastern of Sri Lanka, in February 2012. Weight, quantity and quality of found stones nourish the hope that the new deposits can make up the failure of Madagascar, at least partly. Much deuted yet to indicate that it is to a primary site. The stones are so in their place of origin, or at least its vicinity found and not to far away Places, where they were transported by erosion processes. This long transport routes, mostly in the gravel, without prejudice to survive of course only the least crystals so that secondary storage facility deliver significantly smaller stones in the average, as primary deposits. Vincent Pardieu, of the GIA Laboratory in Bangkok, was as head of a small expedition already on site and has published a very interesting report. pdf/Kataragama.pdf as always inevitably following the, a new Fund boom, fantasy prizes are required for currently for the new material. However there were a few lucky buyers who were fast enough to the place to buy the first raw stones at more reasonable prices, also as always. Our broker in Sri Lanka is also locally and will report to us, as soon as the first faceted stones in the local markets appear. We will keep you in this position on the ongoing Thomas Pfneisl Vienna gem Center