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Shree Rahneesh

The communication between people through touch It is today almost completely void, supported only on relations mother-child (we know how vital and fundamental that this is for the child /-to), couple relationships or professional relations established between patient and professional. Communication through touch has a fundamental afectivo-emotiva involvement. From here we suggest the possibility of creating a space of calm, care and nutrition. I propose to overcome the barriers that prevent us to enjoy and enjoy in depth of the potential that human beings have in their hands. We understand the massage as an art. The knowledge of the method and technique are fundamental, but are not sufficient if not accompanied by love for what you are doing.

And this concept could be applied to any activity of the human being. For example, it is not the same cooking with calm, care and love that do so hastily, reluctantly and out of obligation. The result is not the same. From here we give meaning to what we do. Massage is intuition and listening, respect for the other, It is awareness of own tensions. (Source: Gary Kelly). Massage means returning to a form of more immediate and authentic communication where verbal, often empty language stops temporarily to step aside in favour of a form of deeper communication, clear, direct and full of sense. The massage is more than a technique: it is a relationship, it is an Exchange that is established between massage and massaged.

Bhagwan Shree Rahneesh says: the massage is something that becomes progressively deeper, higher. Massage is a subtle art. It is not only skill, but rather from love. When techniques and methods of massage are known, ninety percent of the work is done through love and ten percent through the technique. Simply contact – the contact of love – so the body relax. When you feel love and understanding by the person receiving the massage, the body becomes the keys of a piano, you will feel in you the creation of a harmony. Not only the person giving the massage but You’ll also be relaxed we propose to go beyond. We suggest you play with sense, with care, with respect, with affection. And firmly too, when necessary. As if in your hands you had something that you really appreciate and value. We hope that the massage video that we offer is of interest to you and you can begin to give massages with sense.