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San Jose

As comparative data, in Chile the minimum wage is $300 and they perceive him about 25% of the poorest population, compared with 1,500 to 3,000 dollars, which can perceive a miner from large companies, generate productive a tremendous gap between different areas of the country, which makes mining activity, an area of high demand for employment. The trapped miners have revenues close to $ 2,000 per month, but the company that employed them belong to the range of medium mining, then the question that arises is do by what the high level of rents? The unequivocal answer is the high risk of the mine workings, in particular in that mineral, which featured an exploitation period of over 100 years, so mine that also delivered gold, it featured a level exploitation, that independent that still has high volumes of ore, the lack of planning of the removal badly led by a century, converted to the Hill of the mine in a real gruyere cheesecompletely horadada. As it has transpired after the tragedy, the owners of ore, which correspond to a fourth generation of owners, only secured increase production levels by taking advantage of the high global price of ore, and as they say the miners, only followed the grain. Basic directions in the underground mining, sets, that the stability of the ground conditions should favor above exploitation, this is understood in simple form at that, regardless that a wall of the mine has high-grade ore, if this is a structural wall, i.e. holding the cavern, it can not be exploited. This has not happened in mine San Jose, on the contrary, the greed of the owners, leave aside that basic premise and followed the vein to subtract any sustainability to an important part of the Hill, which eventually weaken it and catch the 33 miners nearly 1 kilometer of depth with little chance of being rescued, because in addition to no exist alternate outputs as required by lawchimney ventilation, which is a vertical scuttled by which air enters the depths of ore, wasn’t puts, i.e.