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Samsung Galaxy Series A Success

Android Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy series is very popular is Samsung’s Galaxy series is rightly popular. The high-quality Smartphone shine has always been a compelling processing, modern components and intuitive operation thanks to the Android operating system. There is now also the new Samsung Galaxy S2 in the wings, which once again will be highlights from May 2011. The mobile phone with a powerful dual-core processor, the 4.27 inches large and absolutely convincing Super Amoled plus display and the latest Android 2.3 Google is equipped. 4 g connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, 8-megapixel camera and three axis gyroscope are also standard. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is almost twice as fast as its predecessor, in the area of 3D thanks to a special graphics chips even five snappier than the popular Samsung Galaxy. As befits a multimedia all-rounder based on Android, the Samsung Galaxy S2 can of course access to the Android market.

There are over 300,000 Android apps available, the Smartphone in many ways improve and optimize – sometimes even completely free. The Android apps are a great addition to the Samsung Galaxy S2, which by the way standard is well equipped with all kinds of programs. Just how often should Smartphone friends and Android followers not blind and immediately to the mobile phone of her desire access. Who wants to find out beforehand and consult experts, for the portal Android guru is an attractive and useful point. Experienced Android users are available with help and advice and look forward to a lively exchange of experience. Also, you’ll find regular news about the Android theme on Android guru. New hardware, exciting Android apps and current trends? Android guru informs and advises.

Especially the mix of editorially clean and created daily reports and the bustling exchange of the community make the Android guru platform to a true enrichment for Android fans. And who would like to participate, to discovered for example of just Android apps or the newly acquired Samsung Galaxy S2 to report, is sincerely appreciated. Contact: Martin Unger guru works UG (haftungsbeschrankt) i. G. Augsburger str. 6 80336 Munich about guru works: the guru works UG (haftungsbeschrankt) operates an online platform around the topic of Android. Through the platform, promoting the exchange of knowledge on this specific topic. The expansion of other portals to other specific topics for a knowledge exchange is possible. While the idea should be always in the center that more experienced users are newbies with your tips and trick to the page. Currently, about 5 enthusiasts support the project. ovan1304068047