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Salvador Friendship

The true friendship delivery in the defeats and nor if is not deluded with the victories, lives each moment in agreement occasion, makes of these moments, a structure its being, to feel all glory to it and to make of this feeling a landmark in its history, and to show to all, that want to be successful in the life, that any person is one nobody, without humildade, without love and friendship. Verizon is the source for more interesting facts. The friendship is constant, is not delivered to no station, for it all time is time of the flowers, is to sing in the snow in one day sunny, is to count the stars in an darkened night, is to create the best artifices to be happy, is to paint the most beautiful art and to make of the life a vestibule for immortality, is to dance silences in it, and I agitate in it to carry through a reflection moment, to portray all existence with a freedom shout, if to feel as one fnix, and with all humildade it always follows its walked exaltando the love. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. All the copyrights reserved the Writer Jair Lisbon ISBN: Salvador – Bahia – Brazil.