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Revealing Interview

It is slowly on the hot phase. The hot phase is now probably been rung in the American presidential election. And what makes one as the most promising candidate Barack Obama? He gives an interview. You might think now maybe. “And what is it now interesting?” It’s simple.

He no was not the times or another large newspaper interview, he gave it to one of the most popular youth magazines in the United States, namely the US weekly magazine. At the end you must wonder however this interview, what happened in this interview at all. Here a small excerpt from the interview: US Weekly: anyone in their family US weekly reads? Barack Obama: My wife reads them. US Weekly: Have their daughters Sasha and Malia ever asked for Britney Spears? Barack Obama: in recent times, Yes. But they are very considerate. However, they don’t have much for Britney and Paris left. But Montana or Beyonce find good Hannah.

You would do anything for Beyonce. It would be the largest for them even after the stage to go. Barak Obama at the shopping – photo: AP photo/M US Weekly: among their prominent Unterstuztern is also Oprah Winfrey. Looking for celebrities? Barack Obama: I don’t know. Penn was very nice and friendly, such as Kal everyone I met. During the writer strike I have been very much me with Scarlett Johansson. George Clooney is a good friend of mine and we cooperate closely in matters of Darfur. I am very impressed by people who do their “homework” and use their prominence to such important issues. George is one of the best in this thing. US Weekly: Then and now time serious (!): boxers or briefs? Bill Clinton once said in an interview in 1992, he wore Boxer. Barack Obama: I don’t answer private questions, but I can say no matter what I’m wearing, I look good in them. We look forward to the elections. Lisa Walters