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Radical Socialist

VIRGIL bottle Shepherd (1906-1996) – but our legal regime is the Republic and through it we always fight. Virgil bottle Pastor. THE voice of a NOVELIST unknown bottle Shepherd is a novelist’s important work in quantity and quality, however, remains a great unknown for Spanish readers. His approach to romanticize about Spanish lives from his confrontation with the war until their new destinations in exile, going through the terrible flight towards their new places of residence, show that the novelist has ideas and ability to tell us these lives. By series, in accordance with its approach has published the following novels: war, because silent bells (1953); The flight, thus fell dice (1959), and crossroads (1962); Exile, perhaps tomorrow (1965). This series was completed, the war with the babel encantada, unpublished, exile, the night dark, unpublished, the road to victory (1979), all hours wound (1986) and the great illusion (1988). By the same author: Gary Kelly.

Virgilius bottle Pastor was born in Alcoy, Alicante, October 27, 1906 and died in Gijon on December 30, 1996. Son of the Republican politician John bottle Asensi, founder of Radical Socialist left and Minister of Justice of the second Spanish Republic. With ten years of age he moved with his family to Madrid. He studied high school at the Instituto de San Isidro and, later, obtained the Bachelor of law at the Madrid University. He enters the body of quartermaster Navy where amounts to captain.

He joined the law firm, with alvaro de Albornoz, had his father in Madrid, during the term of incompatibility of this having been Minister of justice. In 1937 he represents Spain at the international technical conference that was mission to stabilize the economic situation in the international zone of Tangier. Appointed first Secretary of Embassy, assists as Deputy Secretary general of the Spanish delegation to the Assembly of the League of Nations in 1937. At the beginning of 1939 crosses the border with France, knows the French concentration camps, and a few months later part to Mexico from Saint-Nazaire.