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Pure Reason

Critical the Pure Reason Is three sciences (mathematical, physical and Metaphysical) that Kant analyzes the results. Let us initiate, then, with the physics. The physics developed itself of slow form and it only consisted as science from century XVII, with Bacon, Galileu and others. It trod its safe way through the scientific Revolution, being its landmark the copernicana revolution. The mathematics, since the antiquity, trod its way surely as science. The mathematics is a science that works much more with the form. It can be said that the logic and the mathematics had trod its equal ways. Before analyzing Metaphysics, valley to stand out, that the physics depends on the common sense, and when, ace times, it is investigated scientifically can be maken a mistake the idea.

E science cannot be based on the common sense. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is open to suggestions. For example, a Peasant observes the sun and sees that it turns around the land. Scientifically we know that it is in contrast. Thus, the mathematics, unquestionably has its importance in the physics, special the modern, with the calculations. Metaphysics for Kant, did not tread its way well. Being that, it considers to help it. Metaphysics is oldest of sciences and Kant, does not finish with metaphysics, as many weave this commentary.

For according to it, the man always will inquire on the stranger. Proper of the specular man for beyond? the transcendental. The great one, however that it involves this plot all, is that, the reason cannot explain transcendente. God exists? the World while totality has end? Where it is its beginning? What it is the Soul? Free? It is immortal? Metaphysics is different of modern science, therefore it inquires the nature and wants a logical reply. Here in this direction, it is necessary to use method, because seno never will arrive the nothing. Metaphysics studies the proper speculative reason.