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PSA Water

Thus, the heating of water in umpeu realized as the traditional solution of the heating network water and its circulation in the water warming plant consisting of steam-water heaters and shell-type network pumps. Such schemes are well developed and their effectiveness was confirmed by long practice. Water temperature. Parameters of the psa is strongly dependent on water temperature at the inlet of psa 2. With increasing temperature Heated water decreases the degree of condensation, because all less than its number may condense in the mixing chamber psa to shock. With a further increase in water temperature at some temperature begins the disruption of psa, called the regime "brew": a large proportion of steam is not condensed to the output section of the mixing chamber of psa due to the high temperature of the mixture in this section, there increase in the static pressure of the mixture before the shock. With the increase in water temperature decreases rapidly as the degree of increase of water pressure in the psa.

(Mode "brew" also comes with a decrease in water consumption below some value). From operating experience PSA: "When the water temperature in return line 600C terminates the normal process of condensation in the machine Restricting return temperature 600C does not allow use devices of psa in the winter to meet peak temperature chart (95/70, 150/700, etc.) even if there is sufficient steam power "4. In contrast to the psa at work umpeu no effect of water temperature at its operation in the implementation of any temperature charts, as umpeu in the process of condensation is extended in time and in space (several meters): first mixing the sprayed water vapor in the chamber prior mixing, and then condensation of the resulting mixture to the vorticity of the turbulent water jet in the receiving chamber and the final condensation mufflers pressure (PSA condensation of water sprayed by supersonic steam flow occurs over a length of several tens of centimeters, and must be completed before the shock, whose position on the axis depends on the geometry of psa in addition to many factors – it is the vapor pressure and water vapor temperature and water, steam dryness, etc.).