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Pregnant with twins: what pregnancy complications can occur and what can you do about it? Your doctor has told you that you are pregnant with twins! For most parents, this is a great post but it raises too many questions, and many parents have to get once the thought, to get equal to two babies. Twins alter the life of the whole family, this is just so. If you find out that you are pregnant with twins, you will probably have a lot of questions: a twin pregnancy is particularly complicated? Can I continue working normally, if I am pregnant with twins? How do we finance the double initial equipment? Will our relationship suffer the double? How are the first months with the twins? Can you breastfeed twins? Will I sleep through a night ever again, if the twins until there are? Pregnant with twins: what symptoms can occur? A twin pregnancy is a greater burden on a woman’s body. The typical pregnancy complaints could have been more fierce they don’t have it but, every woman’s body is different and reacts individually to loads. The following symptoms could occur in connection with your twin pregnancy: nausea: she’s most violent, usually in the first three months of pregnancy. An indication can be severe nausea at the beginning of the pregnancy actually expect twins.

The breasts often respond to hormonal changes, they are sensitive and swollen. Since it helps to wear a well-fitting Bra (possibly even at night, if you feel more comfortable to thus). Mood swings are a nuisance and can be heavy, if you are pregnant with twins. Plenty of sleep and exercise help, inform your family and insist on their understanding. After a few weeks they have usually alone after. Back pain weigh two children more than one.

Resting again and let go at it slowly. Swollen ankles: the body stores A water, you will notice this especially in the feet and legs. Sit down as often as possible and put your feet up. Against cramps, hot and cold contrast showers help, speak with your Gynecologist about the problem. Sleep: If the belly grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position. To sleep on their backs can be downright dangerous because the babies on a herznahe vein press and obstruct blood flow. That can lead to impotence. A tip: Buy yourself already a nursing pillow and you use it, your legs or the stomach to supported. Heartburn often occurs during pregnancy, one is pregnant with twins, there may be violent. Avoid acidic and spicy food. It is cheaper to eat five small meals than three large. If you suffer from heartburn, it helps to chew sometimes some unsalted almonds. Their obstetricians and Gynecologists will monitor your twin pregnancy more accurately, please contact problems and ask also your midwife, she often knows home remedies that can help you with the two passengers in the belly of the nine months. And remember: every pregnancy is unique and all goes well in the most twin pregnancies only the belly is bigger! You want to know more about what to expect during your twin pregnancy and beyond?