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Pottery From Pomaire

Considered the largest pottery center of the country. Works are exhibited in picturesque positions to either side of the streets of the town. Of indigenous origin, it has preserved the traditions and customs expressed in its craftsmanship in clay account with restaurants of typical food, which offers the Pomairina, large pie among its specialties and exquisite flavor (typical dish of the place), also offers specialties in pork meat, casseroles of bird and chicha of grape for drinking; all in a folk environment. The craft are classified into three groups: miniatures, small farmers or religious reasons decorative, larger, or decorative figures free in terms of thematic motifs the utilitarian which is the most successful and corresponds to booklets, pots, sources, flower pots, planters, lanterns, jars, etc. For assistance, try visiting Learn more. Clay: Sandy clay which is used for the manufacture of handicrafts.

Clay obtained it through the pella fatty substance that it soaks and working until a pliable dough, sand is added to this and clay that will facilitate cooking. Q6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery for a more varied view. Modeled once gives you a hand of Milky liquid glue that gives the characteristic brightness to the surface. Finally the ceramic is cooked in ovens of brick having cylindrical form. Apart from the ceramic clay, in recent years has developed one of another type, which consists of pressing flowers and fruits. These products are distributed along the main street, mixing with the numerous restaurants of typical food found there, of which highlights the very known and coveted 1 kilo pie.

Currently, each month of May is celebrated in the village the week Pomairina, since it is this month when starting the production of chicha and the pig slaughter. Visit Pomaire is a pleasure for the eye and the palate and a liking for the Pocket, since all your craft has prices for all pockets. Location: By the Autopista del Sol is advanced until kilometer 50, to then turn right at entrance to Pomaire toll.