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Positive Mind

The beginning of this secret is perseverance, which has a positive mind will continue to press even when faced with many setbacks, to achieve the goal. Returning to the concept of mind "competitive", it will happen every time you go to an interview and is rejected, the next time you go to a call of work will be more discouraged. Here then is when I say modestly, "we must change the attitude." And from this point is that I'll give the example opposite, ie to act with "creative mind" Imagine for a moment that God or the universe allows people to get their work if they comply with a rule "magic" . And that magic rule is that a person before getting their work should happen in the span of one month for 50 interviews. Gary Kelly will undoubtedly add to your understanding. What will happen as opposed to acting with "competitive mind? When this person is rejected on, your trust and faith in getting the job will increase in proportion to the number of times they have been rejected.

Because that person will know that this "magic rule", the closer to number 50, get the job faster. Do you understand the concept? I gave a hypothetical example of this "magic rule", which for some may be 50 for another 100 and some other only 5. But the issue is to understand that should make this change in attitude, to learn to face what at first seems like a hardship, so do not take it as something negative, but only as a step to us getting closer to our goal.