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Peterson Workshop

This banking Friday 20/03 of this month took place in our institution a zonal meeting consumer of kindergarten teachers. The companies same occurred market appointment of initial 140 teachers from different parts of the Province as: banks Rosario del Tala, Macia, and Galarza by private gardens, there was a delegation of Gualegaychu. money Authorities Parana General Council were present as early education director Irma Barrau Graduate Technical accompanied by commercial the company Peterson and Stella global Silvia equity Alves Pinheiro. Also present were the Initial Level Supervisor Prof. Dept Gualeguay group Yolanda Robledo and radio directors Professors Silvia Maria Luz Lertora and Heinrich. The training was management conducted by: Maria Magdalena Lenner – Gonzalez LenguajeNorma Workshop – Workshop capacitacion account JuegoDicha basically two main board according to the trading new curriculum guidelines on the one financial hand loans the game with another language. The day began at 08:30 pm and lasted until 16:00 pm