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We deny the facts and the actions, the reality is that then of the relation we felt single, defrauded, sad, and confused, but, mainly single. From my point of view, the answers are not in another side, is same at heart of our feelings and situations, before intepelar to the other, we argue with we ourself: Will be he or she who has a problem now, and like its circumstance of labor, familiar or social life he affects to me? It is that with this feeling of abandonment and solitude how I can draw for it, corresponds to me, or will be that my pair no longer has interest in me? How I am feeling in this relation, defrauded, sad or confused so that personal life is no answer and of my existence? Am I to I like in this relation? He really is what I want and need? The emotional distance of the other helps me, it angers to me or it irritates to me? Why love I to live a relation with these specific conditions? In the general we left the other the responsibility him we accused and it with questions that we needed that it responds in words, but that their actions speak to us otherwise. And we loosen many phrases like: Still you want to me? , And which thinks that it is the answer, because yes, so that we do not do obvious questions, that they give foreseeable answers generally. The paradigm of the pair has changed and is changing every day more, you want that something happens in your relation, dilo, exponlo and aclralo, defines specifically what you want, what you need and how it can be obtained in that world of a two. But we were afraid against the fact to do position to us of we ourself, continued thinking that the other it is going to guess to us, to complement, to complete, that all along will be our company and understanding.