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The director general and Spanish cultural IBERO School, Florencia Bozzano, says: “A look at the history of Argentina and in particular a controversial character as Eva Peron always generates a genuine interest in the culture of Argentina.” In his role as first lady, Eva developed an intense work in both the political and the social mode. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. As for politics worked hard to get the female vote because it was the organizer and founder of the female branch of Peronism. This organization was formed to recruit women from different social strata of Argentina. The new group leaders were called “delegated enumerators.” Established hospitals, nursing homes and single mothers, two polyclinics, schools, a Children’s City. During the holidays distributed cider and sweet breads, had aided the needy and organized sports for children and youth tournaments. The main thrust of his popularity was his ease and charisma to connect with the working masses, whom she called his “shirtless.” Eva Peron died on July 26, 1952, very young, of leukemia. Excerpt from the book “The reason of my life” by Eva Peron in 1951: “When I chose to be” Evita “I know I chose the way of my people. Now, four years after that election, I find it easy to show that actually happened.

No one but the people call me “Evita.” Only learned to call me that “shirtless.” The men of government, political leaders, ambassadors, businessmen, professionals, intellectuals, etc., Who visit me often call me “Lady” and some even tell me publicly “or dignified Excellency Lady” and even, sometimes “Madam President.” They do not see me more than Eva Peron. The shirtless, on the other hand, I know only as “Evita.” I introduced them and, moreover, the day I left to meet the poor of my country saying “that he preferred to be” Evita “to be the wife of President if that” Evita “served to alleviate any pain or wipe away a tear . And, strange to say, if men of government, leaders, politicians, ambassadors, calling me “Madam” call me “Evita” I may be so rare and out of place as a “kid” a worker or a humble man of the people call me “Ma’am.” But I think even more rare and ineffective would seem to themselves. Now if you ask me what I prefer, my answer would soon leave me: I like people my name. When I was a kid named “Evita” I am the mother of all kids and all the weak and humble of my land. When a worker calls me “Evita” I feel like “partner” of all men “Through a program of cultural and popular interests, Ibero Spanish School in Buenos Aires offers a critical and insightful writings and films about the most important have occurred in the history of Argentina, on the life of Eva Peron.