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On Facebook

A new worm spreading Facebook wins more and more users. However, the network offers many ways to maintain social contacts, but it poses certain security risks. Learn more at: Brad Garlinghouse. The mail provider reported new threats on Facebook. Read additional details here: Capital One. The social network Facebook offers its users many features and possibilities, for example, user, it can quickly find friends. Frequently, but dangers lurk on Facebook. Because just as easily as on the network’s friends find themselves, can stalk even stranger. A new worm, which promises users that they could see their profile visitors is currently spreading on Facebook. A person from your friend list is specified as the sender.

Who clicks on the message and activate the included JavScript code in the browser’s address bar, opens the worm wow”door. The pest settles in the profile and sent itself over the friend list of the affected user. “Overall, over half a million users should infected” be. However you want to the worm pose a great hazard. To protect themselves against the worm, users should not blindly follow links in messages and copy also no codes in messages if the sender can be identified. Who is already affected, you should delete all suspicious messages in profile and warn his friends. The worm is also apparently in connection with a Trojan, so you should check your computer with an antivirus program. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann