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Took the men but Safflower oil to, which contains no ALA, so any effect lowering blood pressure was observed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Ellison. The highly concentrated occurring in flax oil ALA is so responsible for the effect of lowering blood pressure. In addition, currently now Japanese researchers have found that ALA probably affected the enzyme system in the body, the blood pressure is regulated in the normal processes. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) occurs not only in vegetable oils and fish oil. Flaxseed oil has the highest percentage of alpha-linolenic acid of all naturally occurring oils. Now, unfortunately linseed oil contains flavors that make direct consumption not just a culinary pleasure.

Consumption in capsules would be beneficial. In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to produce highly purified linseed oil with a high content of alpha-linolenic acid in easy-to-swallow capsules. These capsules are Navitum Pharma OmVitum by the company in the trade. OmVitum is a complementary balance sheet Diet for dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation. Three capsules daily provide the body with ALA. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is available through pharmacies or practice parallel health centres. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not will be replaced because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products. Each pharmacy, as well as every practice parallel health centre can order OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers and patients.

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