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What is a subscription service? As they say – what it eats? That's what we try to find out in this review article. Initially, the subscriber service computer and office equipment – is the provision of all computer and related service organizations, and individuals at a convenient time for them. It is no secret that computer technology is not as reliable as we would like. Unfortunately, failures, computer viruses are not uncommon, even more mundane date. And, most worryingly, computer crashes often cause very considerable damage to virtually every organization. And it was the user's service computer and office equipment company allows maintain continuous availability of computers and office equipment, avoiding emergency situations, financial, material, information loss failure. Assumed that the subscription service computer and office equipment includes a one-two planning and, importantly, an unlimited number of emergency of emergency exits for emergency computer help. With a planned departure is a check all computers for viruses (and disinfection, if necessary) and technical problems, eliminating the identified problems, installation of necessary software, training computers to continued smooth operation, preventative maintenance network.

Emergency exit, that is, emergency computer help, performed in case of emergency failures in the software or have technical malfunctions and is performed within one makismum two hours of receipt of the application service company. Typically, in customer service computers and office equipment includes such works as: installation, configuration and support of Microsoft Windows and Office Suite ms Office; disinfection, disposal and prevention, install and update anti-virus programs installed (repair, replacement) of components and peripherals, setting software to access the Internet; service network, configuration of any software, consultation, training to work with computer and office equipment and software.