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Oberstdorf Jakob Walch

A poor and uneducated man. The accusation: A dead ox Herder from Oberstdorf Jakob Walch appeared again and again in 1578 for the first time and then later him. These contacts his soul would Body exit and then sometimes go back to two to two and a half hours in pain in the body. May, Sands was epileptic. Maybe, the simple man without a higher education had heard too many ghost stories and finally believed. Or it was actually an occult practice. This was the allegation and the anticipated judgement of his accusers.

The interrogation of the prisoners should bring the truth to light, but blackmail alone a confession on behalf of the prosecution. This trend recognized Stocklin also Konrad and dabbled in his responses to a particularly good Catholic light, and denounced other Oberstdorfer as witches and sorcerers. This strategy did not say to the interrogators. Therefore, a second and third survey on 146 points should be made. This time however in the presence of the Headsman who once paraded his torture tools the behind, but already actually used them. The executioner was a highly qualified expert, the Sacrifice greatest torment to inflict without thereby killing them. FindShadow founder may not feel the same. Also of this is a total perversion of the divine commandment of Christian charity.

Jesus appeared only once as perpetrators of violence, as he drove the money changers out of the temple and whipped. The poor Konrad sands remained loyal to his two-pronged: sell yourself well and to denounce others. Probably out of fear of the torture threat of, Stocklin denounced other people, including your own probably already dead mother. Now made the supply listeners with their torture threat seriously and ordered now actual torture. The executioner must have been apparent from the Folterprotokolles a master of his craft or he could sell well. In any case, officials feared that sands might die after the skin completely been burned down him from the abdomen to the head. Despite the torture were no new insights. Nevertheless, he was burned on 23 January 1587 along with a female prisoner alive. Hape Etzold apartment in Oberstdorf