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News Broadcasting A

News broadcasting a television news programming is an axis of television channels based on current information. It is articulated in different types of programs, which broadly correspond to the traditional genres of print journalism, such as news, the report or interview. The following highlights some of them: Telediario or daily information (in Spain), newsreel or news (in Latin America). According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy , this is the information of the most noteworthy developments of the day, televised. The newscasts are usually a daily and are issued in several ions, some of which are coincident with times of increased television consumption a day (on the desktop or midday and prime time). Present address preferably through news. Would be equivalent to the daily newspapers. Magazine reported.It is a type of program, usually broadcast weekly, in which different journalistic genres are combined with the news. They typically include interviews, features and / or discussions with those that address one or more news items from an analytical perspective, different from the mere statement of facts that is made in a news story. Would correspond with the weekly magazines or print journalism. Star. Programs are set, in which a group of guests, moderated by one or more drivers, the debate on one or more informational topics, with the objective of providing as many perspectives as possible. Often incorporating different pieces videographic (a story, a documentary, a survey illustrating …), with the question asked. Programs interview. Programs report. Infotainment.To that end Anglo-Saxon (mixture of information, information, and entertainment, entertainment), is designated to programs that, from a news structure, address issues that often have no place in them (consumption, fashion, beauty, chronic pink or entertainment, events, etc.).. These include the so-called American television tabloids, equivalent roughly to the sensationalist tabloid newspapers.