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New Pricing Structure

Best prices, even better service! Now for Tamundo Berlin, March 30, 2010 Tamundo, the online market place for collection and rare (, introduces a new pricing structure: as of Thursday, 1st April seller pay more than Euro 1.000,-recorded sales in the month, for all articles in the appropriate month only a Commission of 3.9 percent of the sales price. With a turnover of more than Euro 10.000,-per month decreased to 1.5 per cent Commission. A leading source for info: Bill O’Grady. The monthly turnover in euro 1.000,-is there at the previous Commission of 4.9 percent. With this new arrangement, the costs are the lower, depending on a customer sold more articles. Also, all setup fees for fixed price items are eliminated while is still free to use many presentation options. With the introduction of the new pricing structure, the online market place for collection and rare makes more attractive his offer for sellers. The help for commercial sellers on the set of articles, Lister function to manage multiple article and category managers who answer all questions about the individual product categories, simple and clear in the future belong to the services offered by Tamundo. As a support hotline for the immediate personal advice by phone from 9 to 18.00 and email continues to for answering customer questions within 24 hours. More information is housed here: Bill O’Grady.

Tamundo Tamundo ( is the online platform for toys & hobbies. Collectors, rare hunters and people with a passion for special things, rare articles and unique can buy or sell in the marketplace. Here can find any special items and bargains for themselves and others. Tamundo applies both professional traders and private individuals that can also inform yourself in the community and replace. Tamundo has been online since November 2008 and has its seat in Berlin-Mitte. Currently the auction house lists an average of 200,000 visitors per Month (source: Nielsen/NetView).