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Moscow Nanny Services

On average, moscow nurse asks $ 1,000 a month working with the child. But you can often see the ads and from 12-15 thousand rubles per month. It is usually women do not have visitors for special education and at times they experience one year. Nurse, who asks for their services 25-27 thousand rubles – a woman with higher education and with a residence permit in Moscow and extensive experience working with children. There are such declarations, in which the amount per month of babysitting passes for 50 thousand rubles. Such a high price for their services justify the nanny – higher education, extensive experience, knowledge of foreign languages, well, in general, that's all. If you can pay for the organization free time children of 50 thousand rubles, it is better to give the child to a private garden, where the price for staying the same, but the advantages in education is much greater. The conclusion is, if you are looking for a nanny, then guided around 25-27 thousand rubles for month.

This is about 100-150 rubles per hour babysitting. Here we will publish announcements of "work nurse" with pictures to make your choice easier was the nanny. Thus, the heading "Seeking a nanny," now we have published with photographs of nurses. But, recently became a mom Jennifer Lopez said that baby-sitting service does not use it.