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Mexico Relations

(INEGI) There are other indicators that are not mentioned, but shown here are enough to be forming around the concept that urban poverty represents. Comparing the numbers of extreme poverty in Mexico with that sector with more advantages than just more than 8 million (INEGI), we can establish an economic relationship between these two sectors, and setting this in terms of the binary system that governs virtually all societies, we have the poor-rich ratio, where the first is always the subject and therefore, the second will be at a much higher level. As Gramsci said, economic relations forged the way of being of society, the role of subordination to exercise all those belonging to poor section determines how they act now to organize within its own society outside and within society at large . Luis Die Olmos speaks of constants in the lower class such as lone parents, ethnic factors are an exclusion, the persistence of absolute illiteracy and low levels of personal skills. (A valuable related resource: Ron O’Hanley). According to Die Olmos, these constants are not only shape the material conditions of life but also human and social relations that may provide individuals and families belonging to this social class as a criterion individualism prevalent in human and social relations potentiates the already well ingrained culture of every man for himself. This is also a determinant of social exclusion of persons belonging to this class, since they are unable to associate and form a common front. There is then an entire sector of the population, bordered to the implementation of tactics and strategies for their very survival. .