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Mercedes-Benz Service In The Stars

Mercedes Benz service written in the stars, but unfortunately most of us are not astrologers, or Magi. In September 2007 I bought in Herborn a 5-year-old Mercedes-Benz ML 400 CDI. This was not a backyard dealer\”, but at a car dealership, which is known to trade in used vehicles of the upper middle class to upper class. The drive from Germany through Belgium, France and then Spain to Cadiz is a travelogue value safe, yet would be inappropriate due to the events following, incredible for Mercedes Benz. From Cadiz there with the ferry, went to Tenerife. You have to experience once also this passage.

The acquired car stopped arrived on the island of happiness but unfortunately only still almost exactly one week. Not that the but sometimes bad roads or even the heat would have helped, the ML suddenly refused his service on straight line and signaled this clearly by smoke signals, which are moved through the Interior of the vehicle. After the immediate stopping of the Vehicle, which had to do not only with the emergency program, in that the vehicle fled, but also the limited visibility through the smoke, smoky also the good mood. This has not again improved until today, at least as regards the car. That was well over 3 months ago. Because what followed now is an event which no one believes a Mercedes Benz itself, nor the insurance. Forcibly, the vehicle had to be towed now. Not the Mercedes, which were informed directly on-site, or themselves, care also the international emergency number of that mark no if we had asked himself a towing company, we would be in addition to the car on the edge of the highway today sit and wait. As the ML well nothing worked, the Park position of the automatic had to move a millimeter more, two tow trucks necessary were total blockade.