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Matter And Empty Space

Well to enter in the field expose a cocept that could serve to any martial artist and could generate some comments, it is of as use how to concedir an attack on our opponent and are vasa in the space, matter and vacuum, will try no dig both and capture the idea in a general way. Regularly or conventionally we are told to let our blows, attacks or techniques in an area determined within the human body perhaps this initiative is adequate for any practitioner who start in martial arts, but deceo that we can see it from another point of view different which is the concept of namespaces, which is about changing the display of golpeal say the stomach or faceto hit the corners and spaces within the area of the stomach or side with this opens the panorama of attack and conyueve to the natural reaction which is much better that reaction since mechanics that one doesn’t matter that motion generates your opponent you can react naturally to that attack and you can reply to it (remember that decisive technical and best attacks are unpredictable). on the other hand a mechanical movement is easily detectable and its objective is less likely (not to say that the technical mechanics will not serve but if exposes you more when face to someone more experienced). due to can decipher your movement and thereby may realize any conyueve to a final technique. at the moment we use spaces are not going to focus on the human body of our opponent (matter) in spite that is our goal, but in the vacuum generated by your entire body (includes guard, posture, beating, displacement Pateo ect). the difference is that to strike or be locked our intention there only remain, exponiendonos to a second reaction that could be faltal, contrary to put vacuum than when our coup is not yet effective can take the necessary vacuum and convert it into blocking or attack according to either the circumstances of our fight. in general gives us more weapons with which podermos be more expontanmeos this attracts wing surprise and thereby the objective met, serious fights are very fast last a couple of entredas no more, is therefore important to the alternatives we have in power respond to any situation no matter which is.