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Managing Director Romana Proch

MONALiTO fight against exploitation and abuse of children on the island of Nias in Indonesia slogging thousands of children as slaves in stone quarries. “MONALiTO fights against this exploitation of children like we donate producer a fair produced baby hanging cradle with the clicks you action”. Baby Pendulo is a TuV tested suspension cradle for babies, produced under ecologically sustainable aspects of the company MONALiTO in Germany. The respect of social and fair working conditions at suppliers is important to the manufacturer. In particular the aid for working children is our very close to the heart”explains the Managing Director Romana Proch. Therefore we have taken over a sponsorship for a child emergency assistance project, which fights against the exploitative child labour in Indonesia.” To take the subject of abuse and ill-treatment of children in the public consciousness and to enable other people to join MONALiTO donate for each like”on Facebook page monalito.conceptstore each have a euro in addition to children emergency assistance. We financially support not only the project, but can still inform the newfound fans of actions for children’s rights”the entrepreneur with a service background explains her commitment.

Current and detailed information about this action are also in the blog blog/social responsibility / read. The children’s emergency aid was established in 1959 to help suffering children of Indian emergency. Over the years it has grown to one of the largest agencies of children in Europe. The German Central Institute has awarded annually the donation seal of the Institute of children’s emergency aid fur soziale Fragen (DZI) since 1992, what a reputable and trusted handling of donations is to certify the children’s emergency aid. A direct support for the action with their own donation is under the address spendenaktionen.html? hptitle = monalito possible. Further information is available here: MONALiTO Romana Proch on the Dahme 14 15754 halls Lake phone: 033768 979610 fax: 033768 979620 email: Web: and baby Pendulo is a spring cradle that can be used as a flexible sedative or sleep aid for the tiny earthlings, as long as they can still not independently sit. Of course everything in TuV certified quality as well as environmentally, fair and mostly in Germany made.