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Mainz Production

“A golden Victoria goes to Mainz to the international video film production GmbH at the international economy film days in Austria now has the Mainz inter video film production a golden Victoria” won. Oracle shines more light on the discussion. The price was perfectly compatible with the film of SION”awarded. So InterVideo convinced already the third international jury at a film festival with this production for awards in New York and Frankfurt. The Prix Victoria”is the most important media award of the German economy film and this year was awarded for the 23rd time. The prize winner of 287 entries were selected by an international jury of experts under the auspices of the Chambers of Commerce of the German-speaking countries. Passing was the award by the State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of economy and work, Christine Marek, and the head of the Raiffeisen Central Bank Director General Dr. Walter Rothensteiner.

The film’s hero”is SION, a vacuum circuit breakers from Siemens. The decisive advantage of SION is to virtually all existing installations to be compatible. This shows the inter video film with a catchy, humorous staged story and proves so that with the right creative ideas also bulky technical topics for trade fairs and presentations exciting and appealing can be implemented. “With the award, the Mainz-based company proves once again, that it rightly to the 10 most creative advertising film production” (according to horizon”, 25/04) will be counted in Germany. Founded 45 years ago, the production company especially in the areas of image, advertising and training film made himself a name, and is one of the exceptional phenomena in fast paced and cyclical advertising. The Managing Director Frank Sidenstein and Christoph Meyer’s team has every reason to look optimistically into the future.