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Legal Services

Law firm life begins from the moment of its registration. For most firms correct completion of standard documents and legal registration is a formality. In Moscow, many law firms that are willing to implement this procedure for a client for a small fee – 6-7 thousand rubles. However, most of the new founders of large companies are the owners of other firms, for which new business is the development of the business. The actual life of such a company begins long before the emergence of a legal entity, and may continue after the liquidation – in court. That is why any legal documents should be drafted taking into account all possible impacts throughout the life of the company. The level of business risks in Russia today – one of the highest in the world. One reason is the lack of firms able to provide quality legal assistance at all stages of business.

If the company has not provided competent legal help, it is impossible to be sure of its legal security, to include full responsibility for its activities. Legal Services – is: legal assistance in bringing to tax, administrative or professional liability (for example, a tax audit); assistance in the event of liability for damage (damages); assistance in case of violation of intellectual property rights (trademark, industrial design, invention, computer software, know-how, business plan, etc.), assistance provided by the law firm for non-delivery paid for the goods or services, and help in initiating legal action contractors; assistance in the prosecution of debtor default, a lawyer for the seizure of property or the use of other security measures, assistance with the imposition of penalties on the property, securities (stocks), legal assistance for conflict resolution (capture, acquisition, litigation), legal support unscrupulous actions of competitors (collusion with contractors, the initiation of 'custom' tax audits, pricing policy, lobbying, etc.). To assess the situation should be carried out: an analysis of enterprise for a certain period of identifying all possible risks with the proposals for their elimination and the issuance of a reasoned conclusion, legal and tax analysis used economic agreements with the issuance of recommendations for their improvement and elimination of errors, drafting contracts, taking into account the prevention of legal and tax risks; expertise used by the legal and tax business strategy, examination of documentation the registration of rights to immovable property and land; conducting cases in court. Tax, civil disputes, legal support of complex transactions, registration of legal entities; oral and written legal advising on the legal regulation of financial and economic activity (taxation, civil law, customs and currency legislation); legal service on legal regulation of financial and economic activities; oral and written legal advice in the field of land relations, participation in negotiations and business meetings on the rights of legal counsel or representative of the client; legal analysis of actions and decisions of tax authorities, representing clients during tax audits and the subsequent protection of the interests of the client (training in a timely manner objections to a tax audit, appeals against the actions and decisions of tax authorities in the higher courts and the court), the development and maintenance operations, merger, separation, absorption and pre-sales companies, support the bankruptcy process. If you doubt that your company is all right in the legal field, not sure is correct agreement, companies will be involved in complex litigation; want to be confident in the legal safety – to contract for services and law firm will take all of your legal risks.