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Stefan Gottschling draws positive conclusion at the writers club Augsburg, 26.03.2013. 20 Years of experience and success give him right: even in his new lyricist Club Academy scores text and Stefan Gottschling dialog marketing professional with a lot of expertise. The original lyricist seminar is moved with him several times, has become the brand over the years. The copywriters Club after three months, the balance is positive enthusiastic participants votes prove that conclusion: Stefan Gottschling is and remains one of the best when it comes to the copy. More than 10,000 participants have already visited Leslie lyricist seminars in the past few years. At the Bavarian Academy for marketing and advertising Association (BAW), the direct marketing Center of Deutsche Post AG, the text Academy GmbH and since January 2013 at the writers club and thus, there is the market-leading lyricist seminar Stefan gottschling for over 20 years. The copywriters Club, Leslie new companies, the trainer and dialog marketing professional sets new accents. Learning in the copywriters Club is different.

Because who has attended a seminar, will be sustainable with Provides knowledge modules. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or with Leslie newsletter Texter tip”. Free of charge and to the desired extent. The themes have changed: in addition to mailings, Werbebriefen, catalogs and ads today email newsletters, blogs, websites and online stores include the major advertising media. Therefore, there is a new focus on text and online media strategy. All seminars are entertaining, to the point and provide immediately-implementable knowledge. Lyricist seminars take place partially combined with complex corporate consulting projects text, as open events or directly in the company. The customers come from diverse industries, including utilities, financial services, newspaper and book publishers, and many more.

The first seminars in Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart received consistently positive feedback. Seminar participants benefit by Leslie extensive dialogue marketing know-how and receive a copywriter training. Because the quality is right.