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Joseph Banks Rhine

In such a way as soon as exactly some of men who possuam analytical mentality and spirit of experimentation not had exempted of the aura of ' ' magos' ' , ' ' ocultistas' ' or ' ' bruxos' ' only for adentrar in the land of little common occurrences (Pitgoras, Paracelso, Rasputin, etc.). The scientists, therefore, had decided to forget for a good time the supernatural things. Until proper science, treading its proper development, opened a fantastic door of possibilities until then little imagined: the intra-atomic physics. Learn more on the subject from State Street Global Advisors. The very small sub-atomic particles, with its little orthodox behavior, had shown that the old determinismo was not thus so ' ' onipotente' ' the gracious probabilismo started to be faced more seriously. With this ' ' opening cientfica' ' , many scientists had started to distrust that the paranormal fenomenologia could at last not be, only ' ' alucinaes' ' or great lies, that deserved more serious works of research.

Then, reputation men ilibada (Richet, Crookes, etc.) they had placed its knowledge and experiences in the search of ' ' engaiolar' ' the phenomenon in a laboratory and to bring the Parapsicologia for official science. Esbarraram in the preconception of many: its proper colleagues of the scientific community contested its methods and, what she was worse, many times until the honesty. They criticized the form of the research, seen to be same the so only qualitative one; they criticized, also, the mental or moral capacity of that if he ventured in this unknown world. Per years the problem persisted: how to bring for the laboratory a generally spontaneous phenomenon? How to repeat some times one same teleptica transmission? Moreover, as to conjugate scientific requirements with preconceptions and suscetibilidades of the sensitive ones, those that reveal the phenomenon? The answers had appeared of the laboratory of Parapsicologia of the University of Duke (U.S.A.), where Joseph Banks Rhine developed, with a shining team, the statistical method of experimentation.