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Joan Ramon Vilamajo

This is the new American dream, a life above the real possibilities. Consumption has mediated the majority of the human relations. Suffice it to reflect on how the good habit of giving a present has become the most common way of showing affection towards another person and as always have to count on the economic impact that presupposes. Something will be the etymological coincidence leads us to think that the best present is none other than the present itself. The greatest benefits have always been the main goal of the companies but now, away from the paternalistic attitudes of Fordism, cost reduction policies are specially baited with labor. If someone is not already profitable is replaced without more punches. Cases like Joan Ramon Vilamajo, a Barcelona employee of 45 years, Lico operator of Banca-Seguros was sacked by the insurer ten days after is culled from lung cancer, are a clear example of the fragility and insecurity that face every day the workers of the company of the 21st century.

As if was a reissue of the film modern times, in which Charles Chaplin recounted the desperate conditions of employment which the working class had to endure during the era of the great depression of 1929, the gears of large multinationals, with subsidiaries scattered around the globe, have dehumanized a production process in which people are only one resource more, dispensable if the accounts of the company so require. Convulsed and changing system in which are inserted has been stripping them of their rights to convert them into simple automatons that run the same task over and over again. In the factories of today there is no time nor place for human imperfections. A possible solution would be to put the company and the worker on the same side of the scale to overcome the uncertainty. Finally, after employers, like us, also have soul.