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Some reasons are: They were wrong because they did not have anyone teaching as I did was wrong because it did not work enough each day and a logical time. Follow others, such as E Scott Mead, and add to your knowledge base. (Some believe they can be millionaires overnight and without AIMP practically nothing!) I was wrong because it entered into an MLM that was not suitable for (if only because entered into a direct sales company, not MLM , very common event disappointed dealers who thought they were going to work only from home, but when they have to traipsing the streets to mailboxes, do surveys, visits, etc, realize that was not what she had been sold) I was wrong because they did not learn the strategies to not falter in the attempt I was wrong because they were a Oeno supported by beings from their environment principality

These people are responsible in spreading the MLM business does not work, they are scams, which are illegal, etc. etc. But we also know that if the Multilevel and took advantage of it. You can also, just about everything and want to learn. If you are a person looking for a successful Internet business and solve your financial problems probably are in some of these situations: You are looking for information to work from home and you do not know how to begin within a multi that is not growing at the pace you want or need. Are you tired of working business days in your conventional job so that the end does not reach the end of the monthly unemployed Whatever the reason, and you comment that the best way to gain networking is part of a good multi-company, which is well supported, you have ongoing support and resolve your doubts and especially that promote products and services are booming in the market with good prospects.