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Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

During the installation of suspended ceilings to comply with certain mandatory conditions. The ceiling should not be in contact with objects that can cause mechanical damage to a stretch ceiling. Since the tension ceiling consists of a pvc film, then under the influence of acute mechanical objects can tear film. In the premises, which will host the installation of stretch ceiling, you must first create a temperature of 43-70 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the film, which consists of the suspended ceiling will gain flexibility, allowing it to pull the strap design.

The required temperature can be achieved by a gas heater of 50 kW. Health economics expert does not necessarily agree. At a stretch ceiling using special tools. The condition of high temperature is especially important during the first phase of installation of stretch ceiling – stretch film in the corners. When the film stretch ceiling is stretched in the center of the room – the temperature may have gradually lowered to room temperature. Ends with stretching stretch ceiling when mounting plate is placed entirely wedge harpoon. When area of 50 square ceiling. meter mounting tension ceiling takes about 30 minutes.

If the ceiling is a large area and a more complex form, installation of stretch ceilings can shed up to 1 hour. Once the flow will be stretched and temperature will gradually decrease to the natural, pvc film takes on the ceiling of the necessary form. Under the influence of high temperature pvc film is stretched. At the same time prepared for the stretch ceiling film was originally to color and shape is reduced by 2-15 percent. Upon completion of installation due to its flexible structure of the film take their originally conceived form. The result is a well-stretched, very smooth surface tension ceiling.