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Industrial Climber

CSC GmbH is the specialist for working heights with predicate / industrial climber industrial climber Industrial climber High-altitude workers in Germany and Europe CSC GmbH is the specialist for working heights with predicate / industrial climber business of crafts and building cleaner master – Thomas Schmoldt – Managing Director of CSC GmbH / Creativ service cooperation is on the areas of expertise: high-altitude workers (rope access techniques level 3) highly specialized expert for personal protective equipment against fall (BGG 906) certified radiation safety officer and Sekurantenprufer. Whenever complex works without structure at high altitude to perform are the professionals be taken of CSC GmbH in claim!”declared Thomas Schmoldt the team industrial climber CSC is superbly recorded height difficult, work for private, industrial and utility and scientifically necessary needs for years and has made a corresponding name. In addition to Backup jobs on construction sites and in the mining industry in the country and abroad, aerial rescue, missions in the mountains, wind parks construction and wind park maintenance as well as descent works by the helicopter in time-to-reach areas are the pros industrial climber CSC in the stage construction and everywhere there where about erecting a scaffolding or a crane due to local circumstances or the height of work is impossible or is simply too expensive. The company CSC is known for strict planning and execution of orders. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. -Industrial climber CSC for the hard calculated effort and the extremely high standard of security estimated. We will keep these high standards in the future by ongoing skills and use of latest equipment and enhance!”so the Managing Director of CSC GmbH Thomas Schmoldt. Like the specialists industrial climber CSC will advise you around the clock, free, professional competent and Professional in: CSC Creativ service cooperation GmbH Mr. Thomas Schmoldt. Managing partner fishing 5 30167 Hannover FON: 82 731 fax: 82 736 mobile: 39 01 E-Mail: author: Thomas Schmoldt