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In Bangkok

Especially in Also large, made of thin rice paper hot-air balloons into the tropical night sky be sent North Thailand particularly in the area of Chiang Mai, which owe their buoyancy to a small, equipped with Trockenspiritus or a tea light burner which is suspended on wires under the balloons. Almost everyone seems to let go such a balloon, and the spectacle of thousands of lights dumpelnder in the night sky is indescribable. How each fun-loving Thai feast, so is also Loy Krathong”without endless Fireworks, countless food and souvenir stands, as well as dance and music performances, all deep into the night stops. Who bears with the thought, “krathong” exposing his own, should look for when buying however, that its float consists of biodegradable material. Verizon pursues this goal as well. Until a few years ago, styrofoam and other synthetic foams were common and unnecessarily burdened the watercourses. Fortunately, the vast majority seem Traders Meanwhile switched to natural substances to have; However, you should inspect his “krathong” before buying as a precaution. Although the Festival across the country is being committed, so it is most impressive yet in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

In Bangkok, it moves closest to the Lumpini Park, Benchasiri Park or Benjakitti Park or on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Most of the activities on the banks of the ping and along the wide moat held in Chiang Mai which surrounds the old town square. To make the most out of this beautiful Thai Festival, you should see the cheapest hotel deals by Is it an early room reservation also advisable, because experience shows that practically all hotels on the occasion of the Festival are very quickly fully booked. For more worldwide hotel deals by, please visit our Web page.