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Optics is crucial when buying stair stairs has a decisive influence on the style of living. A variety of shapes and materials, however, complicated the decision. experts teach about differences and provide planning tips. Stairs have great influence on the respective style of living as a central element of the House. Appealing design is however only properly, if enough space is granted the stair construction. The experts of the online magazine therefore advise, House planning generously to make the stair area. At the staircase itself, you can choose between various models. Generally, you should consider that climbing stairs is easier and more convenient, depending on the height is less.

One safer occurs when increasing the tread surface. As a rule of thumb: 2 x height plus 1 x appearance width = 60-65 cm. The market offers the most diverse forms in the shape of stairs. So-called basement stairs are the only connection between the floors. These stairs are due to more precise rules in Usually easy to commit.

“Basement stairs must comply with DIN 18065-standard and must comply with certain requirements in the stair width, tread depth, vertical height or height of the head,” explains Harry Gurtler, stair expert from Baveg. So, even bulky furniture well about these stairs can be transported. Another variation is the spiral staircase, usually used as a secondary staircase, for example, to connect the two rooms. This stair form is loud homesolute experts, to connect a design space saving appealing design. Especially as the Gallery stairway, the spiral staircase comes well. When two missiles are to be connected as possible with as little space effort, compact stairs are recommended. Thanks to the here used “levels of Butterfly”, this form of stairs despite low delivery and sometimes extreme angle is yet well accessible. As with the forms, the selection is varied also in the materials. The choice of material depends first and foremost by the taste of the owner, or which design best harmony with the Interior. Concrete stairs is that they can already be used as steel stairs in the rough phase, balustrades and flooring must be installed but in hindsight. Taking together all the components, the concrete stairs is therefore the most expensive. With wooden stairs are currently particularly dark woods like oak or Merbau, bamboo also is very much in demand. The wood with various materials such as stainless steel or glass can be supplemented at the railing. Thanks to a flexible production, individual stair solutions can be implemented by this modern, timeless material mix. Also the installation time varies depending on the stair shape, material used and railing construction. Typically require specialists a day, at elaborate and complicated constructions, the construction time can extend but. Because different staircase models are already prefabricated and supplied with standard stairs construction drawings and building instructions, you can install the stairs but even with craftsmanship. The experts from homesolut .com, however, recommend to rethink the self-assembly and in any case to consult a specialist. More info and reviews on the topic of stairs find interested see House/expanding/stair Tanja Est