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Imperial Navy Medium

The first conquest farrapa is of the Rio Grande Do Sul was in 9 of March of 1838, when they had annexed Lages to the River Republic with the support of some local farmers. Blessed Manuel Ribeiro and Antonio de Souza Grandson, in 30 of April of 1838, the command of 1700 men of infantry and 800 of cavalry, had defeated Sebastio Barreto Pear tree Young chicken, Francisco Xavier of Cunha and Bonifcio Calderon, with 1200 men of infantry and cavalry of the imperial forces, in Medium brown River, leaving 71 died and more than 130 prisoners, in the call former-junk invicta. Medium brown river and Rio Grande formed the border of the Imperial domain, abutment for the conquest of the interior. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. In Medium brown River Joaquin was the Imperial Band under the command of the mining teacher Jose Mendanha, who composed the National Hymn of the River Republic, with letter of Serafim Joaquin de Alencastre, executed and sung for the first time in the ceremony of commemoration of the first anniversary of the Taking of Medium brown River. In 29 of August, Blessed Gonalves launched one importantssimo manifest justifying the decisions taken for the release of the people gaucho, whose text would reflect later in the signature of the Treated one to Green Poncho.

It granted to the Giuseppe Garibaldi letter of corso to imprison imperial boats e, in 1 of September of 1838, nominated it captain-lieutenant, commander of the Farroupilha Navy, because the Imperial Navy controlled the main medias of the Province in the Lagoon them Ducks, only access the Rio Grande, and navigable rivers. To burlar the monitoring of the imperial ones, the objective age to conquer Lagoon, in Santa Catarina, and to bind the Rio Grande of Tatters with the sea.