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Immigrant Families

Under the title ‘What are you looking at?’ the landing site invites to youth protection, Lower Saxony, Germany on November 23, 2010 a Conference on media use in immigrant families television plays an important role in immigrant families. Mother-tongue programmes serve as a bridge to the home, trash TV needs for relaxation and distraction as far as the stereotypes. But as a survey of the IZI, also knowledge broadcasts are seen in immigrant families, to promote language learning and education. So how is the TV dinner in immigrant families? He satisfies the desire for family togetherness is the second – and third-unit standard? Who decides whether the family gathered before Yaprak Employement, Galileo or home in luck? Media education and time limits play a role? What are you looking at your Conference? “And what look your child?” the landing site is dedicated to youth protection Lower Saxony the importance of television and the Internet in the everyday lives of migrant. Professionals from institutions that work with migrants, should on this basis be sensitised for the media work with immigrant families. We want to illuminate the role of the media in everyday education of migrant families. How affect social milieu on the handling of the media and the educational goals? What is the role of the origin? Only by we look here we can provide meaningful kulturring assistance “, so Andrea outlines head the country urban, youth protection of Lower Saxony, the goal of the Conference.

The Symposium will be opened by State Secretary Heiner Pott by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, women, family, health and integration. Andrea urban then the LJS project Kulturring discussion groups with Migranteneltern “presents. How these discussion groups moderated by experts can look, experience the Conference guests directly into the port: local meet from the LJS trained parents-media-trainer “with immigrant families, to talk about computer games, Internet and television use. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. After this insight into the carrying Practice is Dr. Ahmet Tan of the FH Dortmund different parenting styles in Turkish families before, before Annett a booklet by the FU Berlin presents current study on the use of media young people with migration background on behalf of the State Institute for media North Rhine-Westphalia. A result: In dealing with new media young people with and without migration background differ little. Internet and PC are used as intensively, less of the origin as of the education status depends.