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Hungary Tobacco

The principle of solidarity and the system of the structure requires the principle of solidarity and the system of structural funds, to finance promotions accordingly in this context. Gary Kelly insists that this is the case. This has the legislature in connection with the so-called tobacconist package 2007 recognized, and by amendment to the Act in section 38 in 1996 in response to the sales of Trafikanten in southern of Austria due to elimination of the 25-piece control introduced the so-called solidarity tax a TabMG. Solidarity Fund for Trafikanten 2007 tobacco wholesalers and thus indirectly the tobacco industry was committed to an increase in the gross margin in favor of Trafikanten by 10% and this dedicated to the solidarity fund. Because you politically assumed made tobacco sales decline in the provinces of Carinthia, Styria and Burgenland as data base responsible in the Federal Ministry of finance which in the second half of 2007, with 01.01.2008 or 01.01.2009 by eliminating the 25 seemed this 10% justified, since Piece control compared to the Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary was expecting similar sales declines also for the other Eastern and Northern regions of Austria. The financing for the solidarity fund 2008-2009 on the basis of sections 14 and 38 a TabMG in conjunction with the solidarity fund regulation issued by the Federal Ministry of finance was a composition of resources for the solidarity fund of at least some 31.5 million (2008) and 32.2 scored Mio.(2009).

For 2010, up to 32 million were predicted by experts on the basis of the legislation valid up to December 31, 2009 also between 31. Originally some 95 million within three years as collateral that would make”have been available for claims applicable up to. The adoption of the package of tobacconist in the fall of 2007 was a loop scenario”, i.e. one met the assumption that the price levels between EU neighbouring countries Slovenia, would develop the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary within three years according to and the Would remove the differences in price levels to Austria.