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Hoppes No. 9 is back in Europe represented since 1903’s Hoppe is the name in the United States a synonym for gun care products. Du’s Hoppe due to the invention of Hoppe’s no.. 9 Hoppes No. 9 was innovation by Frank Hoppe, who in 1903 with this product the new smoke-free gunpowder ammunition”for his invention.

“Hoppe’s proved over decades across again and again, that innovations in-house no mayfly” but for a long time stock can have and set some new standards. Hoppe’s no.. 9 was no longer available in Europe due to strict import regulations, in particular in the framework of the reach regulation. This was occasion enough for the company from the United States, over 110 years again to suit the product the current technological and ecological requirements. “The new Hoppe’s no. 9 synthetic offers all of the features of the old” gun cleaner. Add new properties on material compatibility, environmental protection come from Surfaces and safety. In particular, the fact that firearms today consist of a variety of new materials such as anodised aluminium, nickel, exotic metals, plastics, rubber, etc necessitated the adjustment.

Hoppe’s no.. “9 is now no longer as dangerous goods” is classified, are biodegradable and non-flammable. The mark Hoppe’s offers today all products gun care and gun cleaning. The gun oil and weapon grease up to innovative Putzstocken, where the high-quality cleaning Rod handle must be purchased only once since he on all rods for all weapon types and caliber fits. A further proof of its ability to innovate has’s Hoppe in the year 2006 with the Boresnake delivered. An innovative and well-thought-out cleaning cord, which reduced the complete procedure of gun cleaning and gun care products to a single operation: The world’s fastest gun cleaning. The idea: A cleaning cord with sequentially arranged gun care products. This concept was meanwhile repeatedly mimicked remains but unattainable. 2011 Hoppes sets here post back: The BoreSnake Viper increases the cleaning power again by 50 percent and is considered the best product for the manual cleaning of weapon in many Waffenbesitzern. “Hoppe’s sales about Samuel GmbH: Christiane Sommerhoff co-managing director of the eponymous company is pleased about this success: we have already several brand-name manufacturers proved that we successfully position quality products according to the brand strategy of the manufacturer on the market and have a strict focus on the brand reputation”. The full range of Samuel’s Hoppe is explained to for end customers and dealers now available at Christiane: Unfortunately, the domain is have been already occupied. We have therefore decided to provide an online platform for order processing and sales promotion under this domain for traders. End-customers can order directly.