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Health And The Work Place

Especially if it is their own business. I see the right spirit sucked from them. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. He inspired me to write on this subject this month by an old friend of mine, because he is going through a difficult period in his career where the job is all he knows. Although he is a great success .. which is not the same person because the work is all talk and that the top is all you live for. The end result is that hardly has time for hobbies, family or friends. Just 28 and stressed beyond belief.

You can watch it and say it has stiffness in the back of his neck as his Boilermakers brain thinking, "work, work, work." That stiff neck is a feeling that is not lost. It is not something Philip Vasan would like to discuss. But despite being stressed at times? Learn how to strive for balance and a healthy lifestyle has prevented to occur much less. Now the question is for you? Do your JOB has become your life? Have you changed as a person and let your spirit fade? Take this simple test and see if you are showing symptoms of a workaholic. Answer yes or no to each question. 1. Do I have a "me day"? One day a week I use to focus on me and me alone? (This means no business calls, meetings, business or reading.) 2. "I can spend time away from work and not think about business issues? 3. Should I talk to my wife, friends and family about topics other than business or my day at work? 4.