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History and modernity of the practical and beautiful furniture side table is a versatile piece of furniture. Its roots lie in France in the 17th century. Today you can find tables in all conceivable variations and designers love the small tables. “One learns only appreciate things when you do without it” this saying is so true as ever and ever. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tomas Philipson by clicking through. This applies to almost everything from the delicious biscuits, which are no longer manufactured until to the neighbor with which it has returned barely three words. This is true also for pieces of furniture. As “Evidence” can, for example, the praktikabele although inconspicuous side table are used.

But suddenly you no longer know where with a cup of coffee, while you in the Chair sits and reads the newspaper. And also anyone who wants to put his glasses next to the bed in the evening, would notice immediately, if he lacks the Sidetable. The first tables were praktikabele helpers for the serving of food and drinks. Even today there are with the so-called “Gueridon” a special table used by waiters to roasting meat for filleting fish or wine to serve. The name, by the way has a not so distinctive background history. It comes from a French farce of the 17th century, was so named in the a servierender slave.

This furniture for the first time have come up in the 17th century. By far, however, there was one such piece of furniture was not in every home. Only the financially well-off had a such luxurious new element of the installation as a side table in her possession. From the Government of Ludwig XV roughly the Sidetable but also for the masses was really in fashion. The apartment contained an extravagant side table from now on if at all possible. With the extravagant and richly decorated exterior, you took a little luxury into the home and use the practical pages at the same time. Now, everyone can find occasional tables in a large variety of shapes, colors and materials. This is wonder – for designers, the small side table is a beautiful piece of furniture. Almost no limits are the imagination. Whether high or low, whether round or square, wood or metal. There is nothing that does not exist. Unlike other design furniture such as beds or sofas are also no big purchases side tables and you can experiment freely with this great and good to gebrauchenen furniture. A new side table everyone can always purchase itself and therefore has the opportunity to integrate these design furniture according to your mood at the facility. And the designers are pleased of course that everywhere use their creations. You can pay tribute to so the next side table not just the clever aspect but also the splendid sight at the sight – also, if you don’t just miss the Sidetable. Marius