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This can happen by two things, one that is the best one than it could happen, that the finder assumes that Clinical the Americas are a medical insurance and " da" to you like information or second (and more serious) than some developer or administrator of the Web site of Clinic of the Americas it could perhaps place like key words to him: medical insurances, which I repeat in more serious since selling medical insurances require of a license of the state and in case of not owning PPO or HMO licenses in order to sell it they cannot not even talk about to those terms of medical insurances. This in addition seems that Google does not know Error Number 2 of Google: – " Medical insurances: options and costs in Fl – Complete orientation guide to find best plan" Article with foot of company/signature of December 2006 This site is something similar to the previous one, is not a specific Web to acquire an insurance of health or a plan of health, this one he is magazine, a digital newspaper with important information on all the subjects that can interest the community. This indexed content: – " Medical insurances: options and costs in Fl-Complete guide orientation to find best plan" , one talks about a single article, not to ampler and specific information on the subject This article in fact we considered it very complete; but it has a great problem, we are not in the 2006. The article of on insurances of health in the flowery one he is desactualizado and I do not believe that to you you interest this information 5 years later to him. Nevertheless to the finder it continues it indexing in front page 60 months later with obsolete or incomplete information by the passage of time. .